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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Docker Up free for open source projects?

Yes, Docker Up is free for open source projects!
Docker Up is and always will be free for all your open source projects.

Can I have multiple Dockerfiles per project?

Yes, Docker Up supports multiple Dockerfiles per project!
You can add as many Dockerfiles as you want. They will be automatically scanned the next time we check for updates.

Is it possible to ignore specific images or versions?

Yes, you can ignore specific images, versions and even custom version ranges!
Simply add the images you want to ignore to the ignore list on your project page. If you want to ignore images based on versions, just use any range that fits your needs.
Example: >= 1.0, < 1.4

Is my code safe?

Yes, your code is totally safe with us!
Docker Up will download the files required, specified by you, to check and update the docker images on a GitHub/GitLab repository and will create new commits containing the updated files.

We will never store details of your code, except as required to make the aforementioned updates, and new commits will only ever be pushed to branches namespaced for use by Docker Up. As such, Docker Up will never make updates directly to your master or default branches.

Is on-premise GitLab supported?

Sadly, not yet!
If you are interested on using Docker Up with your on-premise GitLab instance, please contact us.

Is there an on-premise version of Docker Up?

An on-premise version of Docker Up is not yet available!
If you are interested in an on-premise version of Docker Up, please contact us and tell us about your situation.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us anytime.